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  • Inaugural Lecture: Professor Kalpana Hiralal19 October 2018, 12:06 pm
                       Title: From the Margin to the Mainstream: Women and Gender in South African History  Abstract The talk provides a critical assessment of debates within and about gender history in South Africa. Women’s history, now transforming into gender history, is notably broadening and enriching historical studies. Over [...]Read ...
  • Goolam Vahed BA, BA (Hons), UHDE, MA, PhD19 October 2018, 11:30 am
                                                 Title: On the margins: Writing History at a Time of Profound Political Change Abstract In this lecture I will present an overview of the main themes in my work over the past three [...]Read More...
  • Business Leaders Urged to Gear-up for Fourth Industrial Revolution19 October 2018, 8:40 am
    What are leaders doing now to equip themselves with skills needed for the Fourth Industrial Revolution? That was the question posed by banking industry expert Dr David Schwegmann at the recent business lecture hosted by the Graduate School of Business and Leadership (GSB&L) in partnership with Nedbank. The lecture themed: Harnessing Leadership Competencies to Ride [...]Read More...
  • UKZN Gears Up for “Singing for 67 Blankets” Concert16 October 2018, 9:05 am
    The School of Arts within the College of Humanities will host an exciting “Singing for 67 Blankets” concert which is a vocal showcase featuring singers from the Music Discipline. The concert will be held at the Centre for Jazz and Popular Music on Wednesday 10 October at 18h00. The evening of song includes a varied programme of opera, classical voice, popu...
  • UKZN Air Quality Specialist Serves on UN Environmental Assessment Panel15 October 2018, 9:25 am
    Professor Sivakumar Venkataraman of the Atmospheric Research Group (ATMRES) in the School of Chemistry and Physics (SCP) at UKZN has recently returned from serving on the Environmental Effects Assessment Panel (EEAP) in Vermont, United States of America. Venkataraman, who leads the ATMRES on UKZN’s Westville campus, is known for his leadership in research relate...

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  • International report raises red flags18 October 2018, 10:34 am
    International report raises red flags In the light of political and economic developments in South Africa in recent years, the further slippage from 62 to 67 out of 140 countries in the country's overall global competitiveness ranking is not unexpected.  This is according to renowned economist Prof... Read more
  • Let’s fight fraud17 October 2018, 2:50 pm
    Let’s fight fraud South Africa has the highest incidence of economic fraud in the world, with a staggering 77% of businesses having experienced fraudulent activities. This is according to PricewaterhouseCoopers’ (PwC’s) 2018 South Africa Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey. In light of these shocking statistics, the North-West University (NWU) hosted fraud awareness se...
  • Celebrating the Groot Marico Biosphere Reserve9 October 2018, 4:13 pm
    Celebrating the Groot Marico Biosphere Reserve Over the years the North West University (NWU) has shown that it is not only dedicated to achieving academic excellence, but also to helping and developing the community and the environment. The NWU, together with a number of other industry partners recently worked together to have the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisati...
  • Caring connections enable resilience9 October 2018, 12:34 pm
    Caring connections enable resilience “My teacher loves me.” “My social worker is like my mother, she cares.” “My neighbour cares for me; he doesn’t want me to go hungry.” These quotes illustrate that caring connections matter for the resilience of South African adolescents facing chronic, unthinkable levels of hardship. Prof Linda Theron’s resea...
  • GeeXpo 2018: blowing minds and tickling science fancies5 October 2018, 1:43 pm
    GeeXpo 2018: blowing minds and tickling science fancies Are you dreaming of a career in science and technology? If so, GeeXpo 2018 is just for you! Diarise Saturday, 13 October and make sure you take part in the North-West University’s (NWU’s) largest annual science and information technology expo. What makes GeeXpo such an... Read more

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